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Armonia - Wellness Centre

Website Redesign
Web Development
After initial analysis of the existing incomplete website, the goal was to emphasise the know-how, and allow for easy conversion of the targeted user.

...a place where to expand on technical topics of massage and wellness, a place for enthusiasts and newbies.

About the client

Armonia is a small but proud local wellness center highly specialised in the art of Shiatsu and healthy living. Using their vast knowledge, they manage each customer on case by case basis.

The challenge

The starting point was an unfinished website, so while half the job had already been done, the best move was to start from a clean slate. After a deep understanding of Armonia’s story and business goals it was clear they had a strong focus on technical skills and they purposely wanted to linger on human interaction, rather than a scalable system. The website needed to emphasise the know-how, and make it as easy as possible for the customer to contact them.

What they’re saying:

"Congratulations! Very high professionalism. We are being followed and supported at all stages, since launching and promoting your business means embarking on a stiff path. Nicolas and Linus always know how to advise you on the right path. Their strength is listening, listening to the customer's needs allows you to promote the true essence, intent and mission of your company. Thank you so much, I'm happy to be continuing the journey together!"