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Canine Trainer - Mady Rainbow

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Web Development
On the brink of upscaling business operations, Mady Rainbow needed a new website to establish their online presence. Users had be able to view services and easily book consultations.

About Mady Rainbow

Mady is a qualified canine trainer who educates owners on the use of positive training to strengthen their relationship and communication with their dog. She uses scientifically proven training methods to positively reinforce desired behaviours from your dog and to diminish undesirable behaviours. She does not train using fear or ‘dominance- based’ methods. She uses positive reinforcement and calm, confident energy to create well balanced, reliable and obedient canine companions.

The challenge

Digital presence is nowadays just as essential as having a tax number. Especially when launching a new business, having a website should come right after having a logo and a name. For those providing professional services is especially important in order to streamline their workflow and scale up lead acquisition. Given the nature of the business, Mady’s most important requests were for the website to be intuitive and have a personal feel.

What they’re saying:

"Not only was his rate very affordable, he was so incredibly patient with me and had a great eye for website design / colours / layout.
Nicolas designed the entire site, with only some small changes from my side. The process was so easy and communication was prompt, it made the entire process stress-free and I would HIGHLY recommend Nicolas for any web design you have; I am already recommending him to my friends & family.

Nicolas was reliable, honest and kind during the entire process, and I'm very appreciative to him for that, and very proud of the final result, thank you!"
- Mady Rainbow